To Set Up a Tally

  1. Press MENU > Config > NEXT > Tally.
  2. Press the Add knob.
    If you are editing, or deleting, an existing tally, use the Add knob to select the tally and press the Edit, or Delete, knob.
  3. Use the Tally knob to select the tally or GPI output that you want to set up. This is the tally or GPI number, not the pin on the tally connector.
    Note: A GPI must be set to tally mode before it can be used as a tally. Refer to To Set Up a GPI Output for information in setting a GPI as a tally.
  4. Use the Input knob to select the video source that you want to tally.
    • XX — video inputs 1-12
    • HDMI 1HDMI™ input
    • BK — black
    • NoSrc — no source
    • BG — matte generator
    • MXMedia-Store channel 1-4
  5. Use the Output knob to select the bus that you want to video source tallied for. When the video source is selected on this bus, the tally is triggered.
    • OnAir — on-air
    • OnPrv — on preview
    • PGM — program bus
    • PV — preview bus
    • CLN — clean feed
    • MinMEX — program bus of MiniME™ X
    • MMXPrv — preview bus of MiniME™ X
    • MultSX — program bus of MultiScreen X
    • MSXPrv — preview bus MultiScreen X
    • AuxX — program bus of aux bus X
  6. Press the Tally knob.