To Select a Source on a Bus

To select a video source on a bus, you must identify the ME, MiniME™, Aux, or MultiScreen and bus you want to assign a video source to, and then press the source button you want to select on that bus.

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > Buses.
    Tip: The user select buttons can be assigned to select any bus on the switcher. If you change what the button is assigned to you should make sure to change the text on the button cap.
  2. Click ME, MiniME, MultiScreen, or Aux to select the area that you want to select a source on.
  3. Click MEX, MiniMEX, MultiScreenX, or AuxX to select the ME, MiniME™, MultiScreen, or Aux bus that you want to select a source on.
  4. Select the bus you want to select a source on.
    • Background Busclick Background.
    • Preset Busclick Preset.
    • Key Busclick KeyX to assign the key bus to that keyer.
    • Aux Busclick Aux and select the aux bus you want to assign a source to.
  5. Select the type of source you want to assign to the bus and then select the source.
    Tip: Double-press the SHIFT button to lock the button row to the shifted bus. Press the SHIFT button again to return to the non-shifted bus. The Shift-Lock is reset when the ME is reset, but not when a factory default or switcher set is recalled.
    • Physical — the sources on the physical input BNCs.
    • Internal — internally generated sources, including re-entries.
    • Aux Follows — use the source that is selected on selected aux bus.