To Perform a Transition

All transitions, with the exception of cuts on the background or key bus, have the same basic setup. To perform a transition, you must select what sources you want to transition on what buses, and how you want the transition to appear.

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > Buses and select the ME, MiniME™, or MultiScreen that you want to perform a transition on.
  2. Select the bus and the source that you want to take on-air on that bus.

    For a background transition you must select the source you want to transition to on the preset bus.

  3. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > ME.
    Tip: If you want to perform a transition on a MiniME™ or MultiScreen, click the MiniME or MultiScreen instead.
  4. Click the ME X button for the ME that you want to perform the transition on.
  5. Click Trans.
    Tip: To perform a key only transition, click a Key X button and click the Cut or Auto button. The auto transition is performed at the rate shown next to the Auto Trans button.
  6. Enter the length of the background transition in the ME Rate field, or the length of a key transition in the Key X Rate field.
  7. Select the type of transition (Dissolve, Wipe, DVE, Media) you want to perform.
  8. Click a Roll Clip button to select whether you want any video server clips assigned to a source being taken on-air to play with the transition (On), or not (Off).
  9. Perform the transition.
    • Auto Trans — click Auto Trans
    • Cut — click Cut
    If a pre-delay has been set, the switcher will apply the pre-delay interval before performing the transition.