To Load Stills Using Media Numbers

How you load a still using the media number depends on whether the Place or Media are locked. If the Place is locked, you only have to enter the 3-digit Media number. If the Place and Media are locked, you only have to enter the last digit of the Media number.

Note: Loading 000 clears the current Media-Store channel.
  1. Insert your USB drive into the USB Port on the switcher. You must wait 5 seconds for the switcher to recognise the USB drive. If you are loading a file from the internal cache, you do not need the USB drive.
  2. Press the source button for the Media-Store channel that you want to load a still into. If the file has an alpha, the paired channel will load the alpha as well.
  3. Using the pattern buttons, enter the media number for the still you want to load.
    For example, press 1051 to select the USB(1) drive, Media 051.
  4. Press Select.