To Capture a Still

  1. Insert your USB drive into the USB Port on the switcher. You must wait 5 seconds for the switcher to recognise the USB drive.
  2. Press the source button for the Media-Store channel that you want to capture a still into.
  3. Press the Capt knob.
  4. Press the P/B or E/E knob to select the mode you want the Media-Store in.
    • E/E — electronic-to-electronic, or record, mode allows you to record a still
    • P/B — playback mode allows you to review your still
  5. Use the P/B or E/E knob to select the video source that you want to perform the capture of.
  6. Press NEXT.
  7. Use the Alpha knob to select whether you want to capture the alpha signal (Yes) or not (No). You must have an input BNC selected as the capture source to capture the alpha.
  8. Press NEXT.
  9. Use the Capt knob to select a number for the still you want to capture.
  10. Press the Capt knob to perform the capture. The new media item is stored and the media number is increased by one.