To Set up a Self Key

A self key is set up by selecting the keyer and video source you want to use, and adjusting the key parameters.

Tip: You can return the clip and gain values to the default settings by clicking Make Linear.
  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > ME and select the ME and key that you want to set up.
    Tip: You can use the same procedure for a MiniME™ or MultiScreen.
  2. Click Key Source and select the video signal you want to use for the key.
  3. Click Self Key.
  4. Use the Clip slider to remove lower-saturated colors from the video image.
  5. Use the Gain slider to adjust the transition between the video image and the parts of the video image that are removed.
  6. Use the Transparency knob to adjust the transparency of the key from opaque (0) to fully transparent (100).
  7. Click Key Invert to reverse the polarity of the key alpha so that the holes in the background are cut by dark areas of the key alpha instead of bright areas.
  8. Click a Keyer Mode button to override the shaped setting for the key.
    • Normal — use the shaped/unshaped setting from the key setup.
    • Additive — set to an additive keyer for a shaped source.
    • Full — set the alpha to fully opaque (white). The Clip, Gain, Make Linear, and Key Invert functions are disabled in this mode.
    Note: The mode is reset to Normal when a different source is selected on the key bus, the alpha is changed, or a memory is recalled.
  9. Click Mask to apply a mask to the key.