To Set Custom Control Options

  1. Press CC > NEXT.
  2. Use the Row knob to select the control panel row that you want to set how the custom control names appear on the mnemonics.
  3. Use the CCMem knob to set how custom control names are shown on the mnemonics.
    • Off — only video source names are shown
    • Split — mnemonics are split with custom control names on the top and source names on the bottom
    • Full — only custom control names are shown
  4. If you selected Split, use the MColor knob to select whether the mnemonics use the bus map color (Xpt) or the custom control color (CC).
  5. Press NEXT.
  6. Use the CCPaus knob to set whether pauses are added automatically after each event.
    • Manual — pauses are not added automatically
    • Record — each command is automatically separated from the previous command by a pause equal to the real-time delay between the user entering commands