Working With Media-Store Animations

Media-Store animations are used for things animated backgrounds, branding "bugs", or media transitions. You can set up an animation to loop, play automatically when take on-air, play in reverse, or even play at different speeds.

You can play an animation manually by selecting the source button for the Media-Store channel with the animation you want to play, and pressing Run. The knob changed to Stop as the animation is playing.

Keep the following in mind when working with Media-Store animations:

  • When you load an animation to an off-air Media-Store channel, or the animation goes off-air with a transition, the preview shows the cut point (CutFr) for that animation, and not the first frame of the video.
  • You can manually cycle through frames by turning the Run knob while the animation is stopped.
  • Double-pressing the Run knob stops playback and re-cues the animation to the first frame.
  • You can shuttle forwards and backwards through the animation by turning the positioner clockwise or anti-clockwise when the animation is stopped. Shuttle speed is increased and decreased by turning the positioner more or less in each direction.
  • You can run or stop an animation by pressing the button on the top of the positioner.