Carbonite in DashBoard

In DashBoard, Carbonite has a number of nodes that represent the different areas of functionality of the switcher.

Figure: Tree View

Double-click on any of these nodes to open a window for controlling that specific area of functionality.

  • Statusprovides a read only overview of the state of a number of important switcher components and equipment
  • Configurationprovides a graphical interface to switcher settings such as Reference, Inputs, Outputs, and MultiViewer
  • Live Assistprovides a graphical interface to functions such as keying, transition, and memory settings of the switcher
  • Custom Controlprovides a graphics interface for recording, editing, and running custom controls
  • ViewControlallows you to coordinate the control over the Carbonite switcher, XPression Live Graphics System, and the BlackStorm Playout Server all through a touchscreen interface
  • MediaManagerallows you to connect to the MediaManager web interface from within DashBoard
Tip: Click Menu at the bottom right of the window and select to node you want to view without having to go to the tree view. Access to the ViewControl is not available in this menu.