Output Sources

The number of output BNC your switcher has depends on the number of Video Output boards you have installed in the frame.

Note: Refer to the documentation that came with your Evertz® IP Output for information on setting up video outputs.

Keep the following in mind:

Keep the following in mind when setting up video outputs:

  • If you have the Mix/DSK or AuxKey options installed, certain output BNCs are locked to specific outputs. In some cases, only these output BNCs can be used for the output of this option.
  • If you are setting up the Program output for a control panel that does not have the highest number ME assigned to it, you must use the ME X PGM or ME X PGM Y.
  • Only the main preview output (ME X PV A) of the highest number ME supports the preview overlay.
  • If you are using Aux buses to pass non-native video format signals through the switcher, output BNC C03 and C04 on the 4RU frames cannot be used. Output BNC C03 and C04 cannot pass video that is of a format other than what the switcher is operating in.
  • The Evertz® IP Output does not support internally generated black or the Fade to Black functionality.
  • Preview with Overlay is not available when the switcher is operating in a UHDTV1 video format.