Input Sources

Video inputs coming into the switcher are assigned the video format that they are coming into the switcher in, and the type of device they are coming from. Assigning a video format allows SmartConversion to identify the conversion loop required to convert this video input. Assigning a device type allows you to associate a device you are controlling from the switcher with an input.

Note: Refer to the documentation that came with your Evertz® IP Input for information on setting up video inputs.

Each input BNC on the switcher can have one or multiple input sources assigned to it. This can allow configurations such as multiple device control or device redundancy. For example, to access both the CG and clip functionality of your graphics processor you can assign two input sources, one set up as a CG and the other as a video server, to the physical BNC from the device. You can then use two source buttons to access the different functionalities of the same device.