Media-Store Capture

Still images or animations can be created from any video signals available on the main preview or aux bus output. Captured media items can be of the entire image, or of cropped sections of the image. When capturing a media item, you can preview and use what was captured before saving it do disk. You must save the captured media item to disk before performing another capture, or loading another media item into that media-store channel, or the captured media item will be lost.

The media-store can capture up to 3000 frames, or up to 773 frames, full screen, in 3G/1080i. The number of frames that can be captured depends on the size of the capture area and the video format you are capturing in. All media-store channels must be empty to be able to use the full cache for the capture. The maximum capture size is less if an alpha is included. If you do not need to capture the entire screen, you can reduce the size of the capture area. This will also reduce the amount of cache that is needed for the capture.

Note: You cannot capture a non-synced video source. The capture will time-out after 15 seconds.