Auxiliary Control Panel Operation

The Auxiliary Control Panel can be assigned to either an internal panel row, or an external panel row, depending on the functionality you want. Only Auxiliary Control Panels assigned to internal panel rows can be used for menu auto follows, double press actions, or recording custom controls.

In addition to source buttons, all Auxiliary Control Panels include dedicated Aux Bank and Aux Bus buttons, as well as control buttons.

  • Source Buttons — allow you to select a video source on the selected bus. If the Auxiliary Control Panel is in Aux Bus mode, the source buttons select the video source being fed out of the aux bus.
  • Aux Bank and Bus Buttons — allow you to select the specific Aux Bus that you want to assign the Auxiliary Control Panel to.
  • Source Buttons — allow you to switch between the operating modes, and perform various operations when in each mode.

Figure: Auxiliary Control Panel (24-Button)

The Auxiliary Control Panel allows you to select the video source that is being fed out of any Aux Buses on the switcher. You can select the Aux Bank and Aux Bus, and the video signal you want

Tip: (Auxiliary Control Panels assigned to and internal panel row only) If the Aux Bus you are selecting is set up as an AuxKey, you can double-press the source button on the Auxiliary Control Panel to assign the AuxKey to a row on the control panel. The particular panel row that the AuxKey is assigned to is the panel row that the Auxiliary Control Panel is assigned to from the Panel Modules menu.

The control buttons on the Auxiliary Control Panel are assigned as custom control shot box buttons, allowing you to access the first 14 custom controls from the shot box pages. Shot Box Pages are assigned to the Auxiliary Control Panel in the same way as they are assigned to a Custom Control Shot Box Module.

Figure: Auxiliary Control Panel with Custom Control Shot Box