Factory Default Settings

Each switcher comes pre-configured from the factory with a number of default settings. Recalling these default settings allows you to return the switcher to a known state for diagnostic purposes, creating new setups, or if advised to do so by Ross Technical support.

The recalling of factory default setting is performed on individual register types. Defaulting one of these register types will return all the entries stored in registers of that type to the factory installed state. Any entries in the registers are destroyed.

Note: If the Installation menu is locked, you cannot recall the factory default settings for Installation, but all other registers will recall normally.

The following registers can be defaulted:

  • Personalityall the user interface settings. These registers contain items such as mnemonic settings, preview overlay positions and settings, and transition rates. As a rule, anything that is set up from the Personality menus is stored in these registers.
  • Memoriesall the memories that are stored on the switcher.
  • Switcher — all keyer settings and ME settings.
  • Installationall the external device setup and software configurations settings for the switcher. As a rule, anything that is set up from the Installation menus is stored in this register.
  • Custom Controlsall the custom controls that are stored on the switcher. Bank setting are stored in the Installation setup.
  • Default VTR Clipsall VTR and video server timecode and clip information on the switcher.
  • Default NV-RAM — all the information stored in the NV-RAM. Non-Volatile RAM on the switcher contains information such as active key effects and some personality settings.
  • Default DVEall the sequences that have been stored on the switcher.
  • Default Bus Mapsall the bus maps on the switcher.
  • Default Shot Box Pagesall the Shot Box pages that have been stored on the switcher.
  • Camera Fileall the stored shots for cameras that do not store shots on the camera itself.
  • CC/Macro Attachmentsall the mappings of custom controls that are attached to buttons.
  • Default MultiViewerall the layouts and assigned sources for the MultiViewer that have been stored on the switcher. The assignment of a MultiViewer to output BNCs is stored in the Installation register, as well as all the mapping of what layout is assigned to each MultiViewer.
  • Default CC Variablesall custom control variables.