To Set the Configurable Program Output Mode

Tip: To set the mode for a program output that is set to Flexi Mode, press the SEL button for the ME that you want to configure the mode for and press ME Modes.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Output > Program/Utility Configuration.
  2. Select the ME that you want to set the mode for.
  3. Select the mode you want to apply to the Program E and Program F outputs of the ME.
    • Flexi Mode — all modes are available from a menu outside of the Installation menu.
    • Program X — the output is set to a standard program output.
    • Layer Mode — the output that is used for the combined alpha.
    • Chroma Key X Color Map — the output is set to the key alpha of the indicated chroma key.
    Tip: Setting the mode from the Installation menu is stored in the Installation register and becomes the default state of that output.
  4. Press HOME > Confirm.