To Set Up the Ancillary Data

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Output > More > Ancillary Data.
  2. Use the Field (Line) knob to select a particular lines in the even and odd fields, or the entire horizontal blanking region, that you want to set up.
    Note: When the switcher is operating in UHDTV1, turning SMPTE 352 on also forces the entire horizontal blanking region to Strip.
  3. Use the Pass/Strip knob to select whether to pass (Pass) the data in the selected fields, or strip (Strip) it.
    • Pass — data is not removed from the video stream. Use this setting if you have embedded audio.
    • Strip — data is removed from the video stream.
  4. Use the Image Start knob to select the first lines of active video. If closed captioning is present in the video signal, set the Image Start to the line after the closed captioning line.
  5. Press HOME > Confirm.