To Set Up Video Sources

Tip: You can see if there is a valid video signal on an input BNC from the Input Status menu.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Source Configuration > Input Type.
  2. Use the Input knob to select the input source that you want to configure.
  3. Use the Physical BNC knob to select the physical BNC that you want to assign the input source to. Physical BNCs that appear gray are on Video Inputs boards that are not installed.
  4. In the Input Type area, select how you want the input source configured. Input types are assigned to the input sources, and not the physical BNC.
    Note: All input sources must be assigned to Video or Alpha unless the device connected to that input source is controlled by the switcher.
    • Alpha — alpha signal to be paired with a fill, or video, signal for an auto select key.
    • Char Gen — video signal from a character generator.
    • Off — no video signal, or to temporarily turn an input off.
    • Robotic Cam — video signal from a robotic camera.
    • Router — video signal from a router.
    • Video — video signal from any source you are not controlling from the switcher.
    • VTR — video signal from a VTR or video server.
  5. Use the HDR Mode knob to select the HDR conversion you want to apply to the input source.
    • None – the input source is not converted.
    • HLG600 – decrease the contrast of the SDR video stream to match the HLG600 HDR format.
    • HLG1200 – decrease the contrast of the SDR video stream to match the HLG1200 HDR format.
    Note: The switcher uses the RGB color correctors to convert between HDR and SDR.
    Tip: If you are running an HDR production, you will want to convert the SDR video streams and not convert the HDR video streams.
  6. Press BNC Configuration.
  7. Use the Video Format knob to select the video format of the input video signal on the selected input source.
    Note: If you are selecting a UHD-​2SI format, only BNCs 1, 5, 9, 13, or 17 can be selected. The remaining three video inputs are grayed out.
  8. Press HOME > Confirm.