To Enable a Bus to Use SmartConversion

Selecting which buses, or video signals, SmartConversion can convert allows you to prevent SmartConversion from converting video signals that you want to remain in non-native video format. This will also help to limit the usage of conversion loops for buses that do not need to be converted.

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Aux Bus > SmartConversion > Bus Disabling.
  2. Use the Bus knob to select the bus, or video source, that you want to assign to use SmartConversion.
    • MEX ProgramME X Program
    • MEX ProgramME X Program
    • MEX KY VideoME X Key Y video
    • MEX KY AlphaME X Key Y alpha
    • MEX UtilityYME X Utility Bus Y
    • MEX DSKY VideoME X DSK Y video
    • MEX DSKY AlphaME X DSK Y alpha
    • MEX KY BackVME X Key Y backside video
    • MEX KY BackAME X Key Y backside alpha
    • Aux Bus X — Aux Bus X
  3. Use the Conv. Enable knob to allow the selected bus to use SmartConversion (Yes), or not (Off).
  4. Press HOME > Confirm.