To Set Up An Individual Auto Follow Component

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Personality > More > Auto Follow Setup > More.
  2. Press Buses, Keyers, Transition, or Mem Stores/Recalls to select the individual component that you want to set up an auto follow for.
    • Buses — echo the source selections from one bus to another. The buses include aux buses, utility buses, ME, and Keyer (video and alpha) buses.
    • Keyers — echo the settings from one keyer to another. Keys on the same ME will follow selections in the next transition area of the Transition module.
    • Transition — echoes the settings on one transition module to another.
    • Mem Stores/Recalls — echoes the memory stores and recalls from one ME to another.
  3. Press Set Bus/Keyer/Trans/Mem Follow to store each auto follow.

    Auto follows that are already set up are listed on the menu.

    Tip: Press Clear All Bus/Keyer/Trans/Mem Follows to clear all of the currently selected auto follow.