To Set Up Communication to a SideBoxNet Module

You can connect up to 15 unique SideBoxNet enclosures to a switcher. The number of each SideSlideNet, SideShotNet, and SideStick modules depends on the type of module you are connecting.

Note: You cannot have more than one SideShotNet, SideSlideNet, and SideStick on the same external row. For example, you cannot have two SideStick modules on the same row, but you can have a SideShotNet and a SideStick on the same row.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Com Setup > Type.
  2. Press Type and use the Com Port knob to select the Remote or PanelNet port that you want to use to connect to the SideBoxNet.
  3. Use the Device knob to select OGP.
  4. Press Select Device and use the Device knob to select ePCH.
  5. Press Com Type and use the Type knob to select Network TCP.
  6. Press Com Settings and use the Client/Server knob to select Client and enter the IP address of the device in the Remote IP Address field and 5253 in the Remote Port field.
  7. Press Extra Options.
    Option Value
    Unit ID Each SideBoxNet must be assigned to a different number (1-15).
    Row Select the panel row that you want to assign the SideBoxNet to. The panel row corresponds to the SideStick or SideBoxNet in that the module assigned to row 1 is numbered 1 in the menus (SideStick1 for example). You can only assign the SideStick to an internal panel row.
    First Fader Assigns the number, or position, of the first audio slider on the SideSlideNet module. Each audio module has 8 sliders, so the first slider on module 1 is 1, the first slider on module 2 is 9, and so on.
  8. Press HOME > Confirm.