To Assign a Page to a Shot Box

Assigning pages to buttons allows you to switch between pages by pressing the button on the Shot Box module, just like switching between custom control banks on the bus.

Note: If more than one Shot Box module is assigned to the same panel row, both modules will mirror each other. You cannot have two Shot Box modules operate independently if they are assigned to the same panel row.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > More > Custom Controls > Setup Shot Box Modules.
  2. Use the Module Row knob to select the row that the Shot Box or auxiliary control panel is assigned to.
  3. Use the Page knob to select the shot box page that you want to assign to a button.
  4. Use the Button knob to select the button that you want to assign the selected page to.

    Only buttons 1 through 14 are available on the auxiliary control panel.

  5. Press HOME > Confirm.