To Automatically Map Modules to a Row

Important: Do not manually map SideShotNet, SideSlideNet, or SideStick modules to the panel. Panel mapping for these modules is done from the communications menu when you set them up.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > More > Panel Modules.
  2. Press Yes.
  3. Press Quick Configuration.
  4. Select whether you want to assign modules to an internal panel row (Internal Rows), or an external panel row (External Rows).
    • Internal Rows — rows inside the control panel, or connected to the touchscreen display.
    • External Rows — rows outside the control panel, such as on an auxiliary control panel, SideBox, not including the touchscreen display.
  5. Press the Start Row X button for the row that you want to start assigning modules to.
    Note: Any module assignments to the selected row are lost.
  6. Press a button on all the modules that you want to assign to the selected row starting with the first source button/crosspoint module on the left. Remember to include memory and transition modules as well.

    The order that source button modules are assigned to a row sets the order that the switcher maps to the buttons.

  7. Repeat for each additional row you want to assign modules to.
  8. Press Exit.