To Map an Audio Control Module to a Panel Row

Note: The SideSlide and SideSlideNet are net set up in the same way. Refer to the To Set Up Communication to a SideBoxNet Module section for information on setting up communications with a SideSlideNet.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > More > Panel Modules.
  2. Press Yes.
  3. Press a button on the module that you want to assign to a row. This sets the Link/Node knob to that module.
  4. Press Panel Row & Crosspoint.
  5. Use the Panel Row knob to select the panel row that you want to assign the module to.
  6. Press Audio Fader.
  7. Use the First Fader knob to select the number, or position, of the first audio slider on the module.

    Each audio module has 8 sliders, so the first slider on module 1 is 1, the first slider on module 2 is 9, and so on.

  8. Press HOME > Confirm.