To Assign an AP-AUX2RU Series Auxiliary Control Panel to a Panel Row

Refer to the documentation than came with your auxiliary control panel for information on cabling and physically connecting it to the switcher.

  1. Press HOME > Setup > More > Panel Modules.
  2. Press Yes.
  3. Press Quick Configuration.
  4. Press Internal Rows or External Rows to assign the auxiliary control panel to an internal or external panel row.
    • Internal Rows — if you need menu follows and double press actions. Actions such as double-pressing a crosspoint button to assign a color corrector to that video source must be done on an internal panel row.
    • External Rows — if you do not need menu follows or double press action.
  5. Press the Start Row X button for the row that you want to start assigning modules to.

    If you are using internal panel rows, it is recommended that you select a row that is not used on the control panel (row 5, for example) so that the module assignment for the control panel is not affected.

  6. Starting on the far left side, press a button on each module on the auxiliary control panel.
  7. Press Exit.
  8. Press HOME > Confirm.