To Recall Options Codes

The switcher uses the active disk type for storing and recalling option codes. You must set the disk and then perform the backup or recall.

  1. Press HOME > Disk
  2. Use the Disk Type knob to select whether you want to use the hard drive of the switcher (Hard Drive), or a USB drive (USB).
    Note: You cannot store or recall files from the USB on the Acuity Rack Panel server. You must store or recall the files from the Local Disk and access it over the network. Point your file explorer to the localdisk folder on the server (\\##.##.##.##\localdisk). The user name is nobody and there is no password.
  3. Press HOME > Setup > Installed Options > More.
    Important: The Delete Selected SW Option and Delete All SW Options commands allow you to delete selected, or all, installed software options. Do not attempt to delete your options unless instructed to by Ross Video Technical Support. Ensure that you have stored your option codes before attempting to delete the options.
  4. Press Recall Codes From USB/Recall Option Codes.