To Launch the Acuity Virtual Panel

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of the Acuity Rack Panel. The Acuity Virtual Panel opens automatically.
    Note: The Acuity Rack Panel ships in DHCP mode by default. The IP address that it has been assigned by your network is shown on the diagnostic display on the front of the server.
  2. Click Open Panel VNC in the upper right corner to open a window with the menu system.
  3. Click Options to configure the Acuity Virtual Panel interface.
    • Background Off – turns off the background image on the page.
    • Block Multiple Users – prevent multiple users form logging in to the same Acuity Rack Panel.
    • Transparency Off – turns off the transparency effect applied to the panel and the border of the menu.
    • Position Lock – lock the panel and menu in their current positions.
    • Zoom Lock – lock the panel and menu at their current zoom level.
    • Smaller Zoom Steps – reduce the rate for zooming in/out from the panel.
    • White Button Labels – switches the labels on the panel buttons to white. This does not change the color of the mnemonic text.
    • Swap to Top Lock – locks to panel and menu to their current order. If the panel is covering the menu the menu does not jump to the top when you hover over it or click on it.
    • Reset Position – resets the panel and menu to their default positions.
    • Save Position – saves the current position and size of the panel and menu, as well as the setting on the Options menu.
    • Restore Position – recalls the settings stored using the Save Position.