To Set Up a WhiteFlash Transition

A WhiteFlash transition is performed just like a normal dissolve except that you must set the color for the flash and the rates for the onset, hold, and fade.

  1. Double-press DISS.
    Tip: On the WhiteFlash Setup menu, you can select a different ME to set up WhiteFlash for.
    The DISS button flashes, indicating a WhiteFlash transition has been selected.
  2. Press Color and use the color picker to select the color you want to use.
  3. Press ME Rate to use the ME rate for the transition (Yes), or not (No).
    • Yes — use the ME Rate as the transition rate for the WhiteFlash. The Onset, Hold, and Fade rates represent proportional values of the total ME Rate.
    • No — use the value (in frames) of the Onset, Hold, and Fade rates for each part of the WhiteFlash. The ME Rate is not used for this transition.
  4. If ME Rate is set to No, press Timing Settings and use the Onset, Hold, and Fade knobs to set those parts of the transition.
    • Onset — duration of the dissolve to the WhiteFlash color.
    • Hold — length of time that the WhiteFlash color is held.
    • Fade — duration of the dissolve to the preset video source.
Tip: Press Assign As Default to store your current settings as the default settings for a WhiteFlash transition.