To Recall an Individual Register

Note: If the installation register you are recalling has an input processor board (MultiProcessor Input or 12G MultiProcessor Input) set to a different mode (Mode 1 or Mode 0) than it is currently operating in, it will take an extended amount of time for the input processor board to be fully functional. For example, the Input MultiViewer will take longer to display.
  1. Press HOME > Disk > Dest/Source
  2. Use the Disk Type knob to select whether you want to use the hard drive of the switcher (Hard Drive), or a USB drive (USB).
    Note: You cannot store or recall files from the USB on the Acuity Rack Panel server. You must store or recall the files from the Local Disk and access it over the network. Point your file explorer to the localdisk folder on the server (\\##.##.##.##\localdisk). The user name is nobody and there is no password.
  3. Press Recall Individual and select the individual item you want to recall.
    Note: Registers marked as UHDTV1 (UHD) should not be recalled when the switcher is operating in a SD/HD mode.
  4. Use the From Disk knob to select the item you want to recall.
  5. Use the To Switcher knob to select the location on the switcher to recall the item.

    This is the individual custom control button or memory register on the switcher.

  6. Press Recall Item.