To Set Up a Pattern Wash

  1. Press Wash 1 or Wash 2 to select the wash generator that you want to use.
    Note: If the switcher is operating in a UHDTV1 video format, only one wash generator is available.
  2. Press Modify Wash > BKGD Type.
  3. Use the Type knob to select Pattern.
  4. Press Pattern Selection and adjust the pattern as required. Refer to Patterns for pattern setup information.
  5. Press Back to return to the Modify Wash menu.
  6. Press Modify Color 1.
  7. Use the color picker to select the color you want to use. Refer to Color Picker for information on using the color picker.
    Note: If the Matte Limit personality option is active, the RGB color space is not available. You will only be able to make color selection in the HSL color space.
    Tip: Press Default Colors to go back to the original, default colors. The color selections for the ME and Wash will be set back to default.
  8. Press Color1 or Color2to switch between the colors.