To Lock a Memory

Tip: You can also lock a memory from the Global Memory module. Press and hold the ALL button on the store side until both the store and recall ALL buttons light. Select the bank and register you want to lock. The menu will show LOCKED or UNLOCKED. Press the register number to toggle between locked and unlocked and press ENTER to save the locked or unlocked state.
  1. Press HOME > Attributes > Memories Setup.
  2. Use the ME knob to select the ME that you want to lock the memory on.
  3. Use the Memory knob to select the memory register on the selected ME that you want to lock.

    As you scroll through the memory registers, the lock status of each memory register is shown.

  4. Press Lock Memory to lock (Yes) or unlock (No) the selected memory register.
    Tip: Use the Lock Bank or Unlock Bank to lock or unlock all the memory registers on the selected bank. The bank number is the first digit in the memory number.