To Set Media File Properties

  1. Press the source button for the media-store channel, or press Press HOME > More > Effects > Media Store.
  2. Load the media file that you want to set the properties for into a channel.
  3. Press On-Air Properties > Base.
  4. Use the X and Y knobs, or the positioner, to adjust the position of the media file onscreen.
    Note: You cannot position any portion of an image off-screen, as this may cause video errors. Full screen images cannot have their position adjusted.
  5. Press Unshaped or Shaped in the Video area to set how the key and alpha are displayed.
  6. If the switcher is in an interlaced video format, press Frame, Swap, Field 1, or Field 2 in the Play Mode area to select how the media file is displayed.
    • Frame — display the entire video frame.
    • Swap — swap field 1 and field 2.
    • Field 1 — display only field 1.
    • Field 2 — display only field 2.
  7. Press BT.601 (SD) or BT.709 (HD) in the Color Mode area to select the color space, within the YCrCb color model, that the media file will be displayed in.
    Tip: If you switch video formats between an HD and SD production, and want to use the same media-store files for both, you should select the correct color space for each file, each time you change video formats.
  8. In the Image Scale area, set whether the media file is scaled to the current resolution of the switcher (On), or not (Off).

    Use this option if the media file you want to use is of a different resolution than the switcher is operating in.