To Load a Media File

Note: When you load a media file that contains an alpha, the alpha is loaded into another media-store channel that is assigned for the alpha in the Auto Key setup. This uses two channels for the video and alpha.
Note: The approximate size of stills reported on the menu is the uncompressed size in RAM of the original image, before the image is converted to the video format the switcher is operating in. The actual size of the image in cache can be different than the size of the uncompressed image in RAM, depending on the format that the original image was captured in.
  1. Press the source button for the media-store channel, or press Press HOME > More > Effects > Still Store.
    Tip: If you know the number of the media file you want to load, enter it into the keypad on the memory module and press ENTER to load it into the selected media-store channel. You can enter 0 to clear the contents of the channel as well.
  2. Use the Location and Channel knobs to select a different media-store, or tap the channel directly.
  3. Press Select/Manage.
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the media file you want to load.
    • Parent Directory — moves up one folder (same as <UP ONE>)
    • Page Up — move towards the top of the list in the folder
    • Page Down — move towards the bottom of the list in the folder
    • folder-name/ — open the selected folder
    Tip: You can also use the Contents knob and the Select button to navigate.
    Tip: The film-strip symbol () means that the media file is an animation, and the key symbol () means that the media file has an alpha.
  5. Double-tap the media file you want to load. The selected media file is shown in the Preview window.
    Tip: Press Assign as Default to have this file loaded into this channel by default when the switcher starts up.