To Apply an XFX Border

  1. Press BORDER on the Effects Keyer module.
  2. Press Mode and use the Border Mode knob to select the type of border you want to apply to the key.
    • Border — apply a standard border to the selected key. The border can surround the key, or it can appear as a drop shadow that is offset to any distance or direction.
    • Shadow — apply a drop shadow to the selected key. The shadow appears as a drop shadow that is offset to any distance or direction.
    • Outline — apply an outline to the selected key. In Outline Mode, the fill for the selected key is completely transparent.
    • Trails — apply a Key Trail to the selected key. Refer to Key Trails.
  3. Press Position/Crop and use the Horizontal, Vertical, and Size knobs, or the positioner, to adjust the position and size of the border.
  4. Press Glow/Density and use the Glow and Density knobs to adjust the appearance of the border.
    • Glow — adjust the softness of the edges of the border.
    • Density — adjust the transparency of the border.
  5. Toggle Ghost to On to remove the key from the video signal, but keep the border. Unlike Outline, Ghost does not mask out the portion of the border that is behind the key.
Tip: Press Modify Matte to apply a matte color or a wash to a border. Refer to Mattes or Washes.