To Set Up a Preset Pattern Key

This procedure describes how to set up a preset pattern key. If you want to modify the pattern, refer to To Set Up a Pattern.

  1. Press the SEL button on the Keyers module for the key you want to set up and select a video source on the Key bus.
  2. Press PST PATT.
    Note: If the DVE option is installed, the FLY KEY button turns on when a preset pattern key is selected. Turn the FLY KEY button off for a preset pattern key.
  3. Press Pattern Selection.
  4. Select the pattern you want to use.
    Tip: You can also select the pattern using the keypad on the Global Memory or Effects Memory module to enter the pattern number.
  5. Press UP ONE.
  6. Use the positioner to move the pattern around on the screen and twist the positioner (or use the Size knob) to adjust the size of the pattern.
  7. Use the Softness knob to adjust the softness of the edges of the pattern.