To Assign a Channel to a Keyer

You can turn the second DVE channel on and select which one in the keyer is on top.

Tip: When you fly a preset pattern key, it already uses the first DVE channel resource. To add a second preset pattern DVE key to the same keyer, press and hold the PST PATT button and press FLY KEY. They second key automatically uses the second DVE channel resource.
  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to configure and press DVE Menu > Channel Management.
    Tip: You can also press CHNL MGMT on the Keyers module to navigate to the Channel Management menu. Once on the Channel Management menu, pressing the CHNL MGMT button again cycles through the channels and double-pressing the button selects both of them if both channels are active.
  2. In the Key Combiner area, press Channel 1, Channel 2, or Both Channels to select the channels that you want to turn on.
    • Channel 1 — only turn channel 1 on.
    • Channel 2 — only turn channel 2 on.
    • Both Channels — turn both channels on.
  3. Next to Layering select how the channels interact in 3D space.
    • Automatic — channel layering is based on the distance the channel is from you in 3D space, or the size of the channel in 2D space. The channel that is closest to you, or larger, covers the one that is further away, or smaller. Use the Dissolve knob to select the amount that the top channel is dissolved into the bottom channel when the channels overlap in the same spot in 3D space.
    • Chan 1 On Top — only turn channel 1 on.
    • Chan 2 On Top — only turn channel 2 on.
    • Intersecting — channel layering is the similar to Automatic without the dissolve, but the channels can intersect and partially cover each other.
    Tip: The 3D Allocation area shows you how your available 3D channel resources are assigned. You can free up 3D channel resources by pressing the 2D button for a keyer you want to release the resources for. This turns the 3D key into a 2D key.