To Set Up an Auto Select Key

  1. Press the SEL button on the Keyers module for the key you want to set up and select a video source on the Key bus.
  2. Press AUTO SELECT.
  3. Press Clip/Gain and toggle Key Mem to Off.
    When key memory (Key Mem) is on, you cannot adjust the clip and gain settings.
  4. Use the Clip and Gain knobs to adjust the clip and gain of the key.
    • Clip — remove lower-saturated colors from the video image.
    • Gain — adjust the transition between the video image and the parts of the video image that are removed.
    Tip: You can return the clip and gain values to the default setting by pressing Make Key Linear.
  5. Press Trans Rate and use the Trans Rate knob to set the independent key transition rate.
  6. Toggle Transparency to On and use the Transp. knob to adjust the transparency of the key from opaque (0%) to fully transparent (100%).
  7. Toggle Additive to temporarily override the shaped/unshaped key settings for the selected source.