To Apply the Split 3D DVE Warp

The Split 3D DVE Warp splits the video in half and moves both halves away from each other.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a 3D DVE Warp to and press DVE Menu > Warp.
    Tip: At the top of the menu it states how many 3D DVE Warp resources are available.
  2. Press Split.
  3. Press Movement and use the Movement and Amplitude knobs to adjust the movement of the effect.
    • Movement — select the direction of the movement of the sides.
    • Amplitude — adjust the distance between the two sides.
  4. Press Axis and use the Position and Angle knobs to adjust the axis of the effect.
    • Position — adjust the position of the split.
    • Angle — adjust the angle of the split.