To Apply the Ripple 3D DVE Warp

The Ripple 3D DVE Warp creates a ripple effect, like dropping a stone into a pool of water.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a 3D DVE Warp to and press DVE Menu > Warp.
    Tip: At the top of the menu it states how many 3D DVE Warp resources are available.
  2. Press Ripple.
  3. Press Wave and use the Amplitude and Frequency knobs to adjust the waves in the effect.
    • Amplitude — adjust the height of the waves.
    • Frequency — adjust the number of waves there are.
  4. Press Position and use the Center (X) and Center (Y) knobs to adjust to the center position of the
    • Center (X) — adjust the position of the center of the ripples horizontally.
    • Center (Y) — adjust the position of the center of the ripples vertically.
  5. Press Lighting and use the Intensity knob to adjust the intensity of the lighting on the waves.
  6. Press Movement and use the Continuous and Waterdrop knobs to adjust how the waves are initiated.
    • Continuous — adjust the amount of motion there is in the waves moving away from the center. At 0 there is no movement.
    • Waterdrop — adjust the intensity of the waterdrop effect at the center of the ripple.