To Apply the Page Roll 3D DVE Warp

The Page Roll 3D DVE Warp rolls up the video like a piece of paper. This effect can only be applied to a background or preset pattern key.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a 3D DVE Warp to and press DVE Menu > Warp.
    Tip: At the top of the menu it states how many 3D DVE Warp resources are available.
  2. Press Page Roll.
  3. Press Position and use the Roll, Radius, and Angle knobs to change the characteristics of the effect.
    • Roll — adjust the amount of the image that is rolled up.
    • Radius — adjust the size, or tightness, of the roll.
    • Angle — adjust the angle of the roll.
  4. Press Light and use the Gleam, Shadow, and Model knobs to adjust the lighting effect on the roll.
    • Gleam — adjust the intensity of the highlight along the top of the roll.
    • Shadow — adjust the intensity of the shadow inside and below the roll.
    • Model — select either a natural light that brightens the highlights (Natural) or a more ambient light that blends the highlights (White).