To Apply the Magnify 3D DVE Warp

The Magnify 3D DVE Warp creates an area within the video that is magnified.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a 3D DVE Warp to and press DVE Menu > Warp.
    Tip: At the top of the menu it states how many 3D DVE Warp resources are available.
  2. Press Magnify.
  3. Press Position and use the X-Pos, Y-Pos, and Size/Creation knobs to adjust the position and size of the effect.
    • Size/Creation — adjust the size of the effect. If the size is set to zero the effect is turned off but the 3D DVE Warp channel resources are still being used.
    • X-Pos — select the horizontal position of the effect.
    • Y-Pos — select the vertical position of the effect.
  4. Press Shape and use the Shape, Aspect Ratio, and Magnification knobs to adjust the appearance of effect.
    • Shape — select the shape of the magnification area.
    • Aspect Ratio — adjust the aspect ratio of the magnified area.
    • Magnification — adjust the amount of magnification used.
  5. Press Effect and use the Background, Edge Effect, and Angle knobs to apply additional effects to the magnified area.
    • Background — select whether the key video outside of the effect area is shown (Show) or is hidden (Hide).
    • Edge Effects — select whether a border is applied to the edges of the effect (On) or not (Off).
    • Angle — adjust the angle of the magnified area.