To Apply the Film 3D DVE Warp

The Film 3D DVE Warp applies a film effect to that makes the video appear as if it was produced during different ages, such as the 1900s or 1920s, or was produced on amateur equipment.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a 3D DVE Warp to and press DVE Menu > Warp.
    Tip: At the top of the menu it states how many 3D DVE Warp resources are available.
  2. Press Film.
  3. Press a Film Presets button to select the type of effect you want to use.
  4. Press Film and use the Noise and Resolution knobs to apply film effects.
    • Noise — add video noise to the film.
    • Resolution — adjust the apparent resolution of the film.
  5. Press Defects and use the Line Scratch, Rand. Scratch, and Film Jump knobs to add defects to the film effect.
    • Line Scratch — add scratch lines to the film.
    • Rand. Scratch — add random scratches to the film.
    • Film Jump — add jumps to the film.
  6. Press Light and use the Flash, Intensity, and Radius knobs to add lighting effects to the film effect.
    • Flash — adjust the frequency of lighting effects applied to the film.
    • Intensity — adjust the intensity of the light used in the effect.
    • Radius — adjust the radius of the light used in the effect.
  7. Press Color and use the color picker to select the color you want to use.