To Apply the Strobe Effect to a Key

The Strobe effect alternates between freezing and playing the live video of the channel.. There are three strobe generators that can be used to apply a serialized strobe to create various pulldown effects.

  1. Navigate to the DVE menus for the DVE key you want to apply a preprocessor effect to and press DVE Menu > Preprocessor.
  2. Press Strobe to select the effect.
  3. Press Strobe 1, Strobe 2, or Strobe 3 for the strobe you want to set up. The strobe values are applied in series starting with strobe 1.
  4. Press Frame, Field 1, or Field 2 to select how the strobe is applied.
    Note: If the switcher is operating in a progressive video format the field 1 and 2 selection are not available.
    • Frame — strobe is applied to the entire frame of video.
    • Field 1 — strobe is only applied to the first field of video.
    • Field 2 — strobe is only applied to the second field of video.
  5. Use the Live and Frozen knobs to select the amount of strobe you want to use for the selected strobe.
    • Live — select the number of live fields or frames you want before the frozen ones.
    • Frozen — select the number of frozen fields or frames you want after the frozen ones.
  6. Repeat these steps for the remaining strobe generators if required.
  7. Press Strobe again to toggle the effect On or Off.