To Record a Custom Control

Note: Entering the Custom Control menu stops all custom controls that were started from that control panel, but does not affect running custom controls that were started from other control panels. You can still start a custom control from another control panel.

If you are recording a relative custom control, set up the ME re-entry configuration to record the relative custom control at the re-entry level you want.

  1. Press HOME > Custom Controls.

    If the custom control button is grayed out, the custom control menu is being displayed on another control panel connected to the switcher.

  2. Use the Bank and Button knobs to select the custom control that you want to record to.
    1. Use the Bank knob to select the custom control bank you want to record a custom control on.
    2. Use the Button knob to select the custom control button that you want to record the custom control to.
  3. Press Start Recording (Start Relative Recording for a relative custom control).

    The custom control button starts to flash, indicating that a custom control is being recorded to that button.

  4. Add events to the custom control.
    • Panel Events — press buttons on the control panel to add those events to the custom control.
    • Special Functions — press Insert Event and add special events to the custom control. Refer to Special Custom Control Events for a list of events.
    Note: When the switcher runs a custom control, it attempts to execute each event in the custom control as quickly as possible. If an event takes time to complete, the event may not be complete before the switcher attempts to execute the next event. For example, if your custom control has a memory recall followed by a transition, a pause should be added between the memory recall and the transition to ensure that the memory is fully recalled before the transition is performed. The same applies if you want to add events after a transition.
  5. Press Finish Recording.

    The custom control button stops flashing. The size of the custom control you just created is shown next to the name, in the Selected field on the left of the menu (xx/yy bytes). The first number (xx) is the size of the macro, and the second is the size of all the macros in the selected bank (yy).