To Monitor a Serial Port

  1. Navigate to the appropriate menu for the serial port you want to monitor.
    • Control Panel PortPress HOME > More > Diagnostics > Panel Diagnostics > PCH Test > TX/RX Test.
    • Frame PortPress HOME > More > Diagnostics > Frame Diagnostics > TX/RX Test.
  2. Use the Com Port knob to select the serial port you want to monitor.
  3. Press Monitor.
    Tip: If data is already showing, toggle Freeze to Yes and press Clear.
  4. Toggle Format to view the data in hexadecimal (Hex) or ASCII (ASCII).
  5. Toggle View to view the data being sent by the switcher (Tx), or the data being received by the switcher (Rx).
  6. Toggle Freeze to No to start viewing the data.
  7. Save the data to a file by turning Streaming on (Yes) or by pressing Save.
    Note: You cannot save or turn on stream for a communications port that is operating at a baud rate of 115200.
    • Streaming — store up to an hour of data
    • Save — store just the contents of the screen