To Set the Device Log Level

Tip: Press Default Port Log Level to set all layers on all the ports to Log Notice level.
  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Com Setup > More > Device Log Level.
  2. Use the Com Port knob to select the communications port that you want to debug.
  3. Use the Layer knob to select the communications layer between the switcher and the device that you want to set the log level for.
    • Driver — within the device driver layer.
    • TagMsg — between the frame/panel application and the device driver.
    • DevComm — between the device driver and the hardware.
  4. Use the Log Level knob to select the logging level you are instructed to use.
  5. Press Reset Device Port to reset the internal variables for the device driver on the selected port. This may re-initialize the device.
  6. Press Reset DevComm Port to reset the low level hardware for the selected port. If the port is set to serial, the baud rate and parity are reset. If the port is set to Ethernet, the port is closed and reopened.
    Tip: You can also press Reset All Devices to perform a Reset Device Port and Reset DevComm Port on all ports.