To Collect Logs

At any one time there is a current log file, and up to eight archived log files. When you collect the log files, you can either get all of the logs for the past week, or only the current log file that the switcher is writing to.

  1. On your computer, open your web browser and go to the IP address of your frame.
  2. When the Login Dialog Box appears, enter your username (user) and password (password) and click OK.

Tip: You can collect only the current log files by clicking on Get Current Logs and following the instructions. Only the logs that the switcher is currently writing to are copied and a new log is started.

  1. Click Logs... > Get All Logs to display the Get All Switcher Log Files page.
  2. Click Get All Switcher Log Files.
    The switcher starts collecting all of the log files together into a single archive. This process may take several seconds to complete.
  3. Click the stills/all-logs.tar.gz link to open or download the archive to your computer.