To Replace a Frame Power Supply

The power supplies in the frame are hot-swappable only if the Redundant Power option is installed. If you do not have redundant power supplies, you must power down the frame before attempting to remove a power supply.

voltage: Hazardous voltages are present in this device as long as any of the power supplies are connected to the AC power.
  1. Remove the front door of the frame.
  2. Locate the power supply to be replaced.
  3. Switch the power supply Off by toggling the power switch down.
  4. Loosen the 2 screws holding the latch in place and move the latch so that you can remove the power supply.
  5. Remove the failing power supply.
  6. Verify that all the power supplies are switched off before installing them into the frame.
  7. Install the new power supply into the slot that you removed the old power supply from.
  8. Secure each power supply into the frame by moving the latch to the left until it hooks the slot edge and tighten the screws.
  9. Switch the new power supply On.

    The switcher will automatically detect the new power supply and clear the fail message.