To Install a Module

  1. Lift up the control panel lid and turn off all power supplies in the control panel.
  2. Disconnect the power supplies from mains power.
  3. Install the module into the control panel.
  4. Use a 1/4 inch hex driver to install the four Retaining Nuts located at each corner of the module.

    Figure: Install Module

  5. Connect the cables to the module.

    Figure: Module Cables

    1. Connect the 4-conductor Module Power Cable to the module.
      This cable delivers power to all of the modules in the row. When connecting the cable, ensure that you do not accidentally unplug it from any neighbouring modules.
    2. Connect both of the CAT5 Module Control Link Cables to the module.
      This cable delivers all of the command signals to and from the module, as well as other modules in the same row.