To Identify a Failed Power Supply

When the switcher reports that a power supply has failed, the failure could be in the power supply, or in the power distribution board for the control panel.

  1. Press HOME > Status and identify which power supply is reporting a failure.

    If you have the Redundant Power option installed, power supplies 1 and 2 are located in the Primary Power Supply module and power supplies 3 and 4 are located in the Secondary Power Supply module. If you do not have the Redundant Power option, only the Primary Power Supply module is present with power supplies 1 and 2.

    Figure: Power Supply Modules

  2. Check the AC power cords for the failed Power Supply module. Ensure that they are securely plugged into the control panel power supply, as well as the power outlet.
  3. If each Power Supply is connected to a separate circuit, check that there has not been an interruption to the AC power for the failed power supply.
  4. Lift up on the control panel lid to gain access to the control panel tub.
  5. Locate the Power Distribution board at the back of the tub above the Control Panel CPU module.
  6. Using the Power Supply Indicators, identify the power supply that has failed. If a power supply is not providing power, or is not installed, the Power Supply Indicator is not lit.

    If all the Power Supply Indicators are lit, check the cables between the power supplies and the Power Distribution board.

    Figure: Power Indicators on Power Distribution Board

  7. Remove the failed Power Supply module. Refer to To Replace a Control Panel Power Supply.