To Perform a PCH Tx/Rx Test

The PCH Tx/Rx test allows you to test the various serial communications ports on the control panel. This test helps to diagnose communication problems with external devices that you may be having on a particular serial communications port on the control panel.

A loopback adapter is required to be connected to the port you want to test.

  1. Press HOME > More > Diagnostics > Panel Diagnostics > PCH Test > Tx/Rx Test.
  2. Use the Com Port knob to select there serial port that you want to test.
    • REMOTE X — test one of the remote ports.
    • ExtLnk X — test one of the external link ports.
  3. Use the Mode knob to select the transmission standard that you want to use to test the selected port.
    • RS-422 — use the RS-244 (TIA/EIA-422) transmission standard.
    • RS-422 Null — use the RS-422 (TIA/EIA-422) transmission standard configured for a null modem cable.
    • RS-232 — use the RS-232 (TIA/EIA-232) transmission standard.
  4. Press Test.

The outcome of the test is reported on the menu as passed or failed.